Question: How do I install a bootloader on a Riffle data logger?

warren asked on July 03, 2017 18:11
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A freshly made Riffle needs to have a bootloader installed like any Arduino-compatible microcontroller. Is burning a bootloader the same as on a classic Arduino Uno? Or an Arduino Nano clone?

I know the Riffle uses one of those cheaper CH___ USB chips. Just wondering if that changes anything.

Also - are any special cables required? It looks like there are six pins in a 2x3 grid in the image that seem like they could be for programming:

image description


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warren 12 months ago

@pdhixenbaugh - any thoughts on this?

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1 Answers

Hey @abdul - I think I found the answer (thanks to @pdhixenbaugh) -- in the waterquality list archives (a post by @mathew):

The serial problems Liz is reporting are a bootloader issue. The Riffle needs an Uno bootloader flashed onto it. I'm doing that to all the Riffles here in Portland before they ship, as its a quick process.

The CH340 chip clearly is not a stable working serial to USB device on Mac, as the method to get it working has changed with every Mac OS update, I've gone through three iterations in the past 6 months:

The Serial driver that worked for me this time is the slightly older one. This process got the serial driver working on mac:

Previously, this driver had worked for me:

before that, the driver linked from the instructable had worked without any command line OS changes.

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