This barebones onboarding kit can help you explore how the particulate sensor used in the closed source #PurpleAir responds to air conditions by displaying a colored light readout. **NOTE: The colored light is not related to the [Air Quality Index (AQI) colors]( in any way.** For context, this onboarding kit is part of an effort to develop an open source project (and community) that functions similarly to #PurpleAir so that, over time, people can transfer the expertise they've developed as #PurpleAir users regarding installation, organizing, communication, etc. Conceptually, it's an offramp from a corporately controlled, closed source project that lacks public forums for asking and answering questions, or for organizing around data. This sensor circuit uses the same type of particle detector as the #PurpleAir sensor, but only one as compared to #PurpleAir's two; does not include a temperature, humidity and pressure sensor as the Purple Air does; and instead of logging either to the cloud or to the device itself, it displays a red/yellow/green light that illustrates the PM2.5 levels it detects without converting into an Air Quality Index (AQI). Quite a few people have built simple open source, Arduino-based devices around the cheap #plantower particulate air sensor [datasheet](, see: * @julieta's work on (and [blog post]( * @guolivar's work: and blog * This is a version that is easy to assemble (no soldering, just push wires into a breadboard), and comes pre-programmed. We also offer it [assembled and ready to plug in in the Public Lab Store]( ""). **Parts List** 1. 1 [Arduino]( 2. 1 [RBG LED Light]( "") 3. 1 [Sensor]( "") with cable[]( 4. 1 [Breadboard]( ## Uses * build familiarity with the electronic components used in air sensors without having to program * to see immediate qualitative differences in air quality at low cost * to use in groups (with 3+ sensors) to plan out placement of a #purple-air or other more expensive sensor, for example with consideration for wind direction ## Activities [notes:grid:activity:simple-air-sensor] <a class="btn btn-primary" href="/post?tags=activity:simple-air-sensor,air-quality,simple-air-sensor,seeks:replications&title=How%20to%20do%20X">Add an activity</a> or request an activity guide you don't see listed ## Questions [questions:simple-air-sensor] **** [![IMG_20190304_170244_490.jpg](/i/30002)](/i/30002?size=original)

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