Question: What more data-layers can we show on map ?

sagarpreet asked on July 01, 2018 17:38
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I have been working on creating data-layers and to show them on map .

What more useful information can we show ?

Kindly post the link to API as well .

The demo can be seen here :

Link to github repository :

Thanks !


Hi @numeroteca ...@warren says you may help !

@nshapiro or @liz - Sagarpreet had wanted to include some EPA datasets on this combined map (see a bit more here:

Are there any that come to mind that might be useful contextual data in a many-layers combined map of environmental issues? and

seem to show some code samples for Leaflet, and they show watershed delineation and even which streams are upstream or downstream... cool!

Any EDGI datasets that would be good to display?

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1 Answers

cool! you can check out EDGI data and join our slack to ask people more in the know than Liz or I here

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