Question: Is there a way to view EPA's Toxics Release Inventory on a map, or by location?

warren asked on February 01, 2018 00:31
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warren 16 days ago

@eustatic -- @shannon mentioned Gulf Monitoring Consortium has a ton of work on this -- do you have some links you could share if you have a moment? THANKS!!

Also, @liz or perhaps @devinb or other #edgi people -- is there an EDGI mirror or improvement on the TRI database? Thank you!!!

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3 Answers

GitHub lists 7 projects:

But the EPA site seems only to offer JSON for UV index, which i guess means how likely you'll get a sunburn? shows a REST API which is a bit more helpful, i think:

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Oh, and maybe Skytruth Alerts is a good place to go? But I'm not sure it does historical data:

They do have an API:

But it's not clear to me if these overlap with TRI reports?

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Oh, cool -- this page ( shows this type of query, starting with a zip code prefix:

...for facilities in zip codes starting with 0290_ for example. That shows 86 facilities.

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