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paper dump: link notes and thoughts.

by amirberAgain | September 25, 2018 07:05 25 Sep 07:05 | #17171 | #17171

This is to be used as a regularly updated post where I post links to new papers I think are of interest to the community.


A review paper on different tasks where smartphones were used for science (microscopy, colorimetry etc.)


Colorimetry in Chemical Analysis - Shows a large set of example on the kind of tests performed using colorimetry.


Low cost digital holographic microscope for 3-D cell imaging by integrating smartphone and DVD optical head - Paywall. This group have taken an imaging head from a DVD-player and used it to generate a 2 beam holographic microscope. While this might be a low cost setup I would guess that assembling it would be challenging.

A low-cost do-it-yourself microscope kit for hands-on science education - open access, contains video presentation. This paper describes the work of the BioBus, a nonprofit organization for science outreach and education based in New York City ( they have used a benchtop microscope to engage and educate. The paper shows some matrices of engagements by the children.

Deep learning improves mobile-phone microscopy (Conference Presentation) - not open, contains video presentation. This is a summary of several publications by the Ozcan group out of UCLA who are doing some very impressive work, see more here.

Smartphone-based low-cost microscope with monolithic focusing mechanism - open access, describes the design of a single piece to hold and manipulate a phone (they made a mold that resembles plastic model aircraft look out of the box).


Oh, thanks for these! They're both really relevant to questions people have been asking about microscope next-steps.

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