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Lynnrw 3 research notes and wiki edits

I live south of Boston and have lobbied for environmental legislation (green communities, bottle bill,e-waste recycling, safer alternatives to toxic chemicals) for the past 10 years. Good at organizing forums & events and connecting diverse groups of people but love hands on technical stuff. An environmental planner and former researcher passionate about collecting data and designing action from it. self taught techie with a working knowledge of IAQ testing, stream sampling, toxics in consumer products & energy monitoring. Passionate about the concept of using simple tools to collect high quality data and then sharing it.

Help requested with mapknitter- Balloon mapping of Metal processing plant in Providence, RI

by Lynnrw about 4 years ago | 3 | 6,149 | 1

We're a neighborhood group in East Providence, RI with houses adjacent to a large construction w...

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