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shortlinks: putting contributors directly on a kit

by mathew | January 17, 2015 02:03 17 Jan 02:03 | #11529 | #11529

What I want to do

I want to help users of Public Lab kits understand community research that goes into the kits and lead them back into our research notes and wiki pages.

My attempt and results

A few months ago @warren and I were talking about including more research notes in the instructions with kits and strategies to increase engagement with our research process in kit design, and we hit on the idea of printing straight onto the parts of the kit effected by the research. Jeff implemented a short link system for notes that would make them small enough to fit in and around kit pieces, and this will be our first try at it, printing onto our new spectrometry kit.

here are a series of notes printed on the side, along with the geometry of the interior. notes below by: @amysoyka, @straylight, @wagnerc4, @ygzstc, @cfastie, @stoft, & @Alex-McCarthy.

lens focus: /n/7226

grating angle: /n/5964 /n/5892

spectrometer development history: /n/10691

removable slit cards: /n/11246


on the bottom of the box it will read: what does /n/### mean?

these little notes are an abreviation for a web address. Add in to fill out the web address and see community research that lead to this spectrometer in your hands. Post your own research to see it included in future kits!

This spectrometer design:


Spectrometer development:

calibration: /n/191

linearity: /n/10476 /n/6225


oil testing: /wiki/oil-testing-kit

detection of brightening agents in laundry: /n/174

pesticides: /n/10015

sugar in red wine: /n/10955

olive oil adulterants: /n/10382

milkfat concentration: /n/10012

lycopene in tomatoes: /n/9432

atmostpheric spectra: /n/6168

concentration analysis (Beer’s Law): /n/7475

flame spectroscopy: /n/4406

importing reference spectra: /n/8995

Questions and next steps

what do you think?


Ingenious, seems like a great approach.

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this is so great! a very important step forward!

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can i just say i am still really into this

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