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Tyvek+Bamboo Kite Workshop at Pfizer Building (Brooklyn, NY 6/29-30/2012))

by elainechoi89 | July 05, 2012 19:45 05 Jul 19:45 | #2715 | #2715

Two day Kite building workshop exploring several different types of kites, materials and building methods. A meaningful meditation of flight and mechanics, in a re-purposed research facility...

DETAILS: * Safidy: Kite modeler Research Note * Mathew: on Sentinel Kite), Levitation Kite, parachute kite. * Leo: Diamond Kite Bridles * Leo: Bridle Adjustment * Mathew: on Dan Leigh’s Standard Delta Kites. * Mathew: Kite Connectors -- plastic pipe drilled with key rings. string loops through spars. * Mathew: button bow for kite spreaders * Mathew: collection of resources on bamboo vs dowels * Elaine: Solar Balloon Heat Seaming Process & Knitting a Workspace

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I've got some new idea to improve the bamboo kite and make it more lighter. Infact the sparless single skin kite (parachute kite) inspired me so we can use a thin bamboo to reduce the weight instead of using a thicker one and put some strings in different place along the spars like in the parachute kite to make it more stiff when the wind blow. This combination will prevent the kite from collapsing if the wind changes direction suddenly.

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