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Knitting a Workspace

by elainechoi89 | August 06, 2012 20:56 06 Aug 20:56 | #3152 | #3152

Facilitating a workshop. Initially, all of us came to a an empty expansive outdated research facility loading dock, with a corner full of stuff.

What takes to make a physical a space for learning, experimenting and collaborating.

Seeking good lighting. Tables for loads of materials that we brought, tables for literature, info and ect. (make shift from utilizing cardboard barrels, and a flat surface such as a white board). Some Balloons here and kites there, and of course, people.

Although most of our acts involved settling, and pioneering ourselves a into the space to be comfortable working for the two days..after the workshop, there was not a trace of the event. The possibility of use of spaces open up much wider through methods of mobility, and temporary usage, which also cannot happen without peoples' labor.


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