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easy cut delta kite plans

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by mathew | July 19, 2012 07:26 | 10,787 views | 3 comments | shortlink 19 Jul 07:26

This kite is very close to the Levitation Delta, and the plan is for a low-waste, quick (2-hour) assembly from rectangular pieces of material of any size. Here's Pat Coyle flying a 9' Tyvek version:

Below are illustrated plans for a Tyvek version, completed. Use the spreadsheet to change the dimensions, the design will account for pockets, etc.

Go to the spreadsheet

Tags: kite-mapping easy-cut-delta diy-kite


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Awesome post.

sorry for bring this post back from the dead but i want to build it :) so any suggestions for what material i should make the spars out of?

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