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Easy Kites for Kite Trains

by mathew | June 13, 2012 22:53 13 Jun 22:53 | #2477 | #2477

I've been digging through my kite books to find some good kite train kites. Trains are multiple kites on the same line.

The advantage of a kite train is being able to use the same set of kites in multiple wind speeds, adding or subtracting kites depending on conditions. Kite trains can also be more stable than a single kite.

Attached are three designs: two of Dan Kurahashi's single-attachement point kites and a single-fold delta of Jim Rowlands. The delta has not been tested in trains, but seems to be easily adapted to them.

they are from two kite books I love, Jim Rowlands' One-Hour Kites-- worth purchasing just for the quick construction techniques-- and Dan Kurahashi's Japanese Kites: Concepts and Construction.-- another book worth it for the construction techniques and building/design guidelines.

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