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Call for 2021 GSoC proposals

by cess , liz , ruthnwaiganjo , warren | March 24, 2021 14:49 24 Mar 14:49 | #26004 | #26004

Google Summer of Code 2021

We've done GSoC for a few years now (read more here!), and we especially welcome contributions from people from groups underrepresented in free and open source software! GSoC explains:

As a part of Google Summer of Code, student participants are paired with a mentor from the participating organizations, gaining exposure to real-world software development and techniques. Students have the opportunity to spend the break between their school semesters earning a stipend while working in areas related to their interests.

So, we're asking students to start posting their proposals for comment, here. Read on!


GSoC applications will be close on April 13, 2021.

Read proposal ideas

Once you've gotten a bit familiar with our project (see [our welcome page here] Please feel free to ask questions in the comments below, or to join our chat channel at https://publiclab/chat

Our welcoming page will help you understand how we collaborate, and we'll be there to help you take your first step. And try tackling a first-timers-only issue, to get an idea of how to become a contributor!

image description

Also, read this page carefully to understand our workflow and how we structure summer of code projects: https://publiclab.org/wiki/gsoc#How+we+work

Please ask questions! We're very friendly and we love welcoming new people into our community.

Post a proposal for comment

Once you've read through some of these ideas and become a bit more familiar with our projects, it's time to post a proposal of your own.

You don't need to have a complete or even concrete idea -- share your thoughts early and we'll help you refine your proposal, and help you choose something that's the right difficulty level as well as being something our project really needs.

We've created a template for you to post a proposal here. Click here to begin:

Start drafting a proposal

Read other proposals

Before or after you post your own draft, read through others' listed below. Your best comments and input may come from other applicants!

Also see 2020's proposals here


Title Author Updated Likes Comments
GSOC Proposal @priyaraj_17 6 months ago 6
GSoC 2021 Proposal : Tag / topic system refinements @Manasa2850 6 months ago 18
GSoC 2021 Proposal: spectral-workbench.js JS/Rails integration @waridrox 6 months ago 8
GSoC 2021 proposal: Education-related usability upgrades @Tanish 6 months ago 6
GSoC!proposal: Filter out spam from comment. @lukoyedith 6 months ago 8
GSoC!proposal: UX/UI QoL Improvements @eightballocto 7 months ago 1
GSoC 2021 Proposal: Translation System Refinements @govindgoel 7 months ago 8
GSoC 2021 Proposal: Geographic Features Refinement @barun1024 7 months ago 14
GSoC 2021 Proposal - Education-related Usability Upgrades @anirudhprabhakaran3 7 months ago 4
GSoC proposal 2021 : Translation System Refinement @ajitmujumdar25999 7 months ago 5
GSoC Proposal : Tag/Topic System Refinements @17sushmita 7 months ago 9
GSOC 2021 Proposal: Education-related usability upgrades @SahilS 7 months ago 6
GSoC 2021 Proposal: Legacy Code Deprecation @gauravsingh2699 7 months ago 10
GSoC!proposal: Translation System Refinements @YogeshSharma01 7 months ago 3
GSOC 2021 Proposal. @vikky30singh 7 months ago 4
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Title Author Updated Likes Comments
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