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by priyaraj_17 | April 11, 2021 17:08 11 Apr 17:08 | #26198 | #26198

GSOC 2021 PROPOSAL: Education-related usability upgrades

About me

Name: Priyaraj



Affiliation: Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology

Location: New Delhi, India

Timezone: Indian Standard Time (UTC +05:30)

Project Description:

Abstract / Summary (<20 words):

The project focuses on the enhancement of the existing content management system. This will involve fixing or improving a collection of systems, features, and issues.


What problem(s) does your project solve?

Currently, the existing content management system encounters few problems due to the growing community of educators. The objective is to tackle a collection of systems, features and issues focused on educational users and involving feedback from the community of the educators. The new features to be added include improvement of autocompletion results, a listing of drafts on profile pages, detailed tooltips on maps, a system for pre-approved posting for students that can bypass the moderation system, and a refined display of coauthored posts on profile pages. These features will make the experience of the users more effective and easy.

Project Goals and their implementations:

  1. Include Usernames in Autocompletion results:
  2. The autocompletion results will show the usernames used recently or who were active recently on the website with full wildcard matching.
  3. This will be easily done with some SQL and API changes.
  4. Something similar to this.

  1. Add Drafts listing to profile pages
  2. Adding a listing of drafts on the profile page of the users which will make it easier for users to find their drafts.
  3. The User-interface will be based on the Public Lab style guidelines.
  4. The drafts will be similarly added to the profile page as shown below
  5. Functionalities to sort the drafts based on the upload date.

  1. Tooltips to explain the coordinates tags on pages
  2. Improving the documentation
  3. Pre-approved signup system for students:
  4. A system for pre-approved signup invitations for students to create accounts that can bypass the moderation queue.
  5. These links will be created by educators for specific users.
  6. Such links will expire in a week.
  7. These invitations can bypass the moderation queue.
  8. An invite link should be similar to this,
  9. Enhancement of the co-authored posts on profile pages:
  10. Addition of refined display of co-authored posts on the profile page.
  11. Refine the design of the newly launched dashboard:

->Timeline / Milestones:<--> 



I have recently learned about Public Labs and become an active member of the Public Lab community. I have contributed to the Plots2 repository of Public Lab by creating these PRs.


I am ready to work 40 - 45 hours weekly to complete the project within the specified time. I will be looking for more issues to work on and learn on the way.


I am sorry for being late, I have written this draft proposal. This is not complete yet, I have to add some mockups and there are some problems in uploading the image of the timeline. Can you please review it?

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hi @priyaraj_17 , kindly finish up your proposal so that we can be able to could checkout how the other applicants have done it over here thanks

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Hey, sorry for updating so late. I hope it's not a problem. Please can you take a look?

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Hi @priyaraj_17 thank you for your changes! Much appreciated. I wanted to point to this on the autocompletion task: because we've recently expanded it to the rich editor and this pull request includes some specific code additions that show how it fetches and formats responses from the server.

Additionally, this may be helpful -- for the dashboard, we are looking to make only relatively small tweaks and refinements, and not a complete overhaul of the design. For example, one thing that came up is that people would like to see more images in their feed. How might that look?

Thank you for your interest!!!!

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Hey @warren, Thank you for the clarifications, I am taking a look at the pull request that you have mentioned.

For the dashboard, I understand what we need to focus on, we simply have to make it look more attractive, and surely more images can be added. Maybe we can also make the dashboard-blog section wider.

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Hello @priyaraj_17, thank you so much for your proposal. I really appreciate your time and I especially enjoyed the timeline design you've shown. I think we would have liked to see a little more digging into the existing code base to show where changes (such as autocompletion) would be made. If you need help finding a specific line of code or area of the code, you can always ask and the more specific the better, i.e. "where can I find the code that drives the autocompletion system?" or something like that.

We also highly value applicants' engagement in welcoming newcomers, providing peer support and encouragement, and generally working cooperatively in our community. We always love seeing when people have created "first-timers-only" issues for others at as well.

Thanks so much for your time and energy! Please know you're welcome to reapply and of course to contribute more as you're able to!

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