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jesseslone "@Ag8n I think part of the answer to fertilizer might be efficient recycling of wastewater and the treatment byproducts, like biosolids. For exampl..." | Read more » about 2 hours ago
Ag8n "It was believed to be high level of nitrates, although maybe the time applied and amount applied has a major part in it, too. To be honest, I think..." | Read more » about 6 hours ago
bhamster "Yikes, sorry to hear about this @Ag8n. What's enabling the problem to spread east? Visible detection with satellite imagery is exactly the kind of..." | Read more » about 8 hours ago
bhamster "This is incredibly helpful, thank you! Some kind of visual to help diagnose treatment plant issues would be great. Maybe we can start brainstorming..." | Read more » about 8 hours ago
Ag8n "Very good project! With the corona virus, many uvc flashlights have become cheaply available. That would add some danger to the project. But wou..." | Read more » 1 day ago
Ag8n "Some very good points! Thank you for the information. My major concern around northern Ohio has always been nitrate run off from fertilizers. Fe..." | Read more » 1 day ago
jesseslone "One additional note about algae formation. It's not uncommon to have high algae formation even in untouched waters. I have been backpacking in Co..." | Read more » 1 day ago
jesseslone "Yes, properly treated wastewater should ideally smell like a forrest stream... clean and possibly a little earthy. Also, I should note that my exp..." | Read more » 1 day ago
bhamster "@jesseslone Thanks for coming by Open Call yesterday! I'm wondering if you have any thoughts about this question? You mentioning that treated waste..." | Read more » 1 day ago
liz "thank you! If you have a picture, would be great to see that as well. " | Read more » 2 days ago
pataxte "Thanks for the cheering @liz!! That reminded me - here's one other idea that may be useful. Holding the very long carp pole can be tiring, and pret..." | Read more » 2 days ago
liz "This looks fantastic @pataxte !!!! So valuable to have these instructions and photos. Also, your garden looks lovely. :) I will write back if i try..." | Read more » 2 days ago
fongvania "Here are instructions for a similar exercise, except using vaseline as the sticky substance: https://media.gm.com/content/dam/Media/images/US/Event..." | Read more » 3 days ago
pataxte "Recently I've returned to fiddle with pole mapping of gardens, and working on the camera mount, see earlier notes in this thread. I liked the soda ..." | Read more » 3 days ago
pataxte "I will be attending! " | Read more » 3 days ago
alejobonifacio "Wow! This is so interesting... Thanks for tagging me @bhamster! :hugs: " | Read more » 6 days ago
bhamster "That would be terrific, thank you! @alejobonifacio, tagging you in case you're interested in sensors for redox potential and dissolved oxygen. " | Read more » 7 days ago
jesseslone "Yes, those spikes are aeration. Later I dropped the DO sensor and used ORP to control the aeration cycles. Nutrient removal is always a game of d..." | Read more » 7 days ago
bhamster "Oooh this is very cool. Super clear dashboard graphs! Are those tall spikes when the water was aerated? And yes, it'd be great if you could join a..." | Read more » 7 days ago
jesseslone "Yes, it did end up correlating. I looked back over this article and realized I should probably post a follow up. As expected, you start to get a ..." | Read more » 7 days ago
bhamster "Thanks for the reply and willingness to answer my questions @jesseslone! I was wondering--did the DO and ORP readings end up correlating with bacte..." | Read more » 7 days ago
jesseslone "I'm not using it currently, but it ran for a long time unattended. Let me know if you have any other questions, I'm happy to answer them. " | Read more » 8 days ago
fongvania "This explanation makes sense, thanks for indulging my curiosity~ a related reason could be that because hot water needed to be heated up in a hot w..." | Read more » 8 days ago
bhamster "Hi @jesseslone. This post is a few years old now, but I was curious if you're still using this sensor? Thanks! " | Read more » 8 days ago
denissebn_06 "@sarasage Hope this is helpful to you. " | Read more » 8 days ago
bhamster "Thanks to all who joined this call! Looking forward to continuing the conversation 💙 Notes from the call and all the links shared in the Zoom chat..." | Read more » 9 days ago
liz "Very welcome news! Thanks @warren @icarito @waridox !!! " | Read more » 9 days ago
Ag8n "Looks great! " | Read more » 9 days ago
fongvania "According to this article, Analysis and modeling of vadose zone gas transport : modeling methane emissions from landfills, their Landfill Methane E..." | Read more » 9 days ago
solaria "I thought it goes back to the old plumbing in the UK where they had two sets of pipes: a cold water tap connected directly to the water mains for d..." | Read more » 9 days ago