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bhamster "Here's another flowchart for examining soil texture, in English and Spanish: Estimating Soil Texture by Hand, Estimando la Texture del Suelo. From ..." | Read more » about 2 hours ago
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Ag8n "Members of the community should be attentive for years. Not only to the fire location, but to many other locations, as well. If there is any data ..." | Read more » about 10 hours ago
Ag8n "Most of these pellets are usually circular, at least around here. Those pellets are hexagonal. It might make it easier to search for the company ..." | Read more » about 10 hours ago
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Ag8n "I checked the pictures of the 3 lasers in one of the marketing shots. The red, green, and the violet laser all showed a laser warning tag with 405..." | Read more » 4 days ago
mlamadrid "@purl Hey, the article A Grassroots Movement for Clean Air from Grassroots Change Using Photographs in Fighting Mining Companies is not mine. I ju..." | Read more » 5 days ago
amocorro "Hi @wendydelgado! Thanks for the question! I noticed you shared some information with your question regarding frac sand mining. Is this an environm..." | Read more » 5 days ago
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amocorro "@jaylae another pollutant that has made concerns across the US public and our waterways are PFAS (Per-and polyfluoroalkyl sustances) and PFOA (Perf..." | Read more » 5 days ago
amocorro "@casvoie are you interested in using soil for local gardening? Are you generally curious about sampling soils where you live? Let us know and we ca..." | Read more » 5 days ago
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Ag8n "Another option is a pack of three lasers marketed as kitty chase toys. They run about $20. Again, quality is an issue. The colors are listed as ..." | Read more » 5 days ago
Ag8n "What kind of plastics does Formosa Plastics plan on making at this plant? Hopefully, that would have been in a press release. " | Read more » 5 days ago
eustatic "Councilwoman Palmer's office is very concerned about the impacts of theFormosa Plastics plants; impacts to Drinking Water in Algiers and Eastbank O..." | Read more » 6 days ago
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liz "FYI - this is posted as a question here: https://publiclab.org/notes/carmatic/02-24-2021/alternatives-to-cfl-for-calibration " | Read more » 6 days ago
Ag8n "You want a sharp, distinct, and stable line for calibration. Which is why the lasers are sought after. They are also hard to find. Please check ..." | Read more » 6 days ago
Ag8n "Amazon has tricolor, four lead, LEDs. So all of the different color LEDs are in the same package. I'm this case, they give off red, green and blue..." | Read more » 7 days ago
Chickynuggies02 "Does anyone have any concerns regarding the water quality in New Orleans? " | Read more » 7 days ago
Ag8n "Some of the early lamps for hplc detectors used mercury lamps, which could cover both visible and uv wavelengths- granted only specific ones. But ..." | Read more » 7 days ago
warren "Hi! It's a good question. CFLs have multiple very strong and stable lines, so it's hard to find something like that. If we had infrared we might us..." | Read more » 7 days ago
carmatic "hello, I'm trying to look for fluorescent bulbs but they are being phased out where I live and are becoming harder and harder to find is there an a..." | Read more » 8 days ago
stevie "Here's a good "getting started" activity you can do! https://publiclab.org/notes/stevie/03-22-2017/how-to-visually-document-a-site It can also be ..." | Read more » 8 days ago