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Toolshed Raising 02-02-14

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What is it?

As a smaller, more regular meetup than the annual Public Lab Barnraising, we're doing a series of local meetups in Somerville, MA. These include short presentations, open working time, and workshops on Public Lab projects and anything related.


Parts & Crafts:

577 Somerville Ave Somerville, MA, 02143



Toolshed Raising II: Feb 2, 2014

The first "toolshed raising" was a big success, so we're doing another, also at Parts & Crafts!

1) First hour-- 12-1 pm - Intro to the toolset! --- Not sure what a spectrometer is or why you might want to take photos with the infragram? Come by and find out! First hour is "intro to the toolset" -- we'll have a bunch of stuff out to play and work with -- DIY spectrometers, infragram cameras, balloom mapping stuff and more -- with staff on hand to explain how things work.

2) Show and tell - 1-1:30 -- Don Blair and co. do a quick presentation on the Mystic River Open Water, a cool new project pairing up with MYRWA to develop low-cost water quality sensors for the Mystic River to test everything from salt run-off to sewage in the river. They're going to talk a little bit about what the project is, what they've done so far, and how you can get involved!

3) Open hacking session: 2 - 4 pm. Interested in finding "that person" to talk to to get your air quality question answered? Have a cool project to share? Want to hang out and build on stuff? This is your window. Second half is for building and talking and eating pizza and trying stuff out.

Free and open to the public.

All the facts

Pizza will be ordered around 2!

Parking is available in the large lot across the street or directly in front of our building. Please do not park in the large driveway to the right of our building -- it belongs to our down-the-street neighbors

We have a dog! He's very friendly, and will likely sleep on the couch the whole time

Kids are welcome to join --- P&C is a workshop space for kids so there will be plenty for them to do. There may also be a mini-sized honk band rehearsing for some portion of the open hack session. music provided! If you have young ones and want to bring them, please do!