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Read about cutting edge techniques in hacking environmental science in the third regular subscription issue of the "Grassroots Mapping Forum", our community research journal/archive/zine/map, where we hope to share ideas, techniques, and stories from the Public Lab community.

The Grassroots Mapping Forum is printed on a two 22.75x35" sheets of acid-free paper, and includes a full color reproduction of a grassroots map along with essays, illustrated guides, and interviews. It's a great way to stay abreast of the latest in the DIY environmental science movement.

Issue #5 The International Issue (Q2 2014)

 Issue 5 is focused on highlighting the Public Lab community around the world.

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  • Full color map of Silwan, Jerusalem created through participatory mapping with children from Silwan.
  • La Valld'Uixó cover by Basurama (Pablo Rey Mazón and Rubén Lorenzo) using MapKnitter.
  • Thoughts on Better Tools for Mapping from Hagit Keysar in Jerusalem.
  • Interview with Pablo Rey Mazón , developer at and waste researcher with Basurama by Shannon Dosemagen
  • Exploring Science Beyond Exams in Hong Kong by Fan Lok-yi
  • Mapping along the Rio Hondo River in Belize by Pat Coyle
  • Tools for Stalling Eviction by María del Carmen Lamadrid.

Issue #4 (fall 2013)


Issue 4 is focused on long term research in the New York City chapter.

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  • Full color maps featuring sewage overflows in the Gowanus Canal and oyster reef restoration in the Bronx River
  • Jamaica Bay cover illustration by Gena Wirth
  • Interview with founding board member and New York City research lead Eymund Diegel by Shannon Dosemagen
  • Two-tether mapping method by Natasia Sidharta
  • GLAM Mission by Hans Hesselein
  • Five Borough Farm by Philip Silva and Liz Barry
  • and much more!

Issue #3 (spring 2013)

Grassroots Mapping Forum Issue 3 text

Issue 3 is an in depth look at community organizing in the Public Lab community.

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Issue #2 (summer 2012)

Grassroots Mapping Forum Issue 2

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Issue #1 (summer 2011)

Grassroots Mapping Forum Issue 1

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  • A full color wall-ready map of an island in Barataria Bay showing oil spilled from the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill
  • An interview with Gulf Coast resident Barbara Marcotte (Shannon Dosemagen
  • Details on how to get started balloon or kite mapping (Jeff Warren)

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Learn about and get involved in writing, editing, publishing, promoting, and distributing the forum on the forum planning page.

Using Content from Grassroots Mapping Forum

The Forum is a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike licensed document. If you'd like to use content from it, go ahead! Mathew can provide high-res artwork and original files if those are helpful to you, just send an e-mail to GM_Forum_20131025_Page_2.jpg