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Barnraising 2017

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Public Lab hosted the 2017 Barnraising November 3rd-5th at LUMCON in Cocodrie, Louisiana. The event drew 36 people from 12 states, and event brought participants from Germany and China.

Session topics for this Barnraising included:

  • "Getting started" the beginnings of organizing in the face of environmental issues
  • Facilitation techniques and Codes of Conduct
  • Louisiana and coastal wetlands
  • Existing data and citizen science
  • Living with water
  • Disaster response and recovery
  • Community science for direct intervention/remediation
  • Science in the face of denial
  • Illustrated guides
  • Underpinnings of technical development
  • Building an antenna
  • Methods and strategies for monitoring H2S
  • The Public Lab website
  • Microscopes and "how can communities visualize pollutants"
  • Exploring problems can crowd sourcing assist
  • Funding strategies for environmental monitoring
  • Creating tangible games with environmental data

People coming to the Barnraising often want to share on deep topics of interest with each other. Lightning talks have become a way to engage with people's individual projects or topics of expertise that are more about decimating information (rather that requiring a sessions space where we build a collaborative environment of learning).

Lightning talks topics at the 2017 Barnraising included:

  • Invasive species in Louisiana
  • Exploring leaked emails
  • Water born illnesses
  • How codes of conduct affect email lists
  • An oil monitoring project on Louisiana Beaches
  • Games and building to promote learning about the environment


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The Barnraiser

The Barnraiser is a daily paper print publication participants in the Barnraising work together to produce. Below are copies of the Barnraiser that came out of this event:


Notes and photos that came out of the Barnraising: