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Mini Cameras

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This page collects resources related to the recent wave of #GoPro -like mini cameras that often have features like:

  • waterproof and impact-resistant cases
  • WiFi connectivity
  • light weight (~50-60 grams)

These cameras vary widely in quality, from excellent (#GoPro cameras themselves, or #GitUp cameras which can do 4k with very clear crisp imagery) to relatively low quality which may still be useful depending on your use case and budget.

The Public Lab Store carries a few models:

We also strongly recommend #pi-camera options based on the Raspberry Pi camera, especially for #infragram multispectral photography:


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I'm looking for advice using a gopro hero 2 with 32gb memory card for aerial kite photography. @iragersh 4 months ago
How to extend wifi range underwater? @xose about 1 year ago

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