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Using cameras for NIR that have no buit-in NIR hotfilter

by gonzoearth | May 01, 2012 21:45 01 May 21:45 | #1877 | #1877

for the NIR imaging tool project Chris Hillcox of and others have asked about using consumer cameras that do not have the NIR hotfilter installed to begin with rather than removing it as seen with the Canon Powershot. Apparently the GoPro Hero 2 does not come with the filter installed. The setup is different and out there for experimentation.

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Hmm, very interesting! I wonder if we can find one that's around the $50 price range and still has good resolution (i.e. >3 megapixel). The HD Hero is $150, but maybe used ones are cheaper.

Does it have spherical lens distortion? That could be corrected for but is also a consideration.

Great idea - the conversion process is not hard, but for newcomers it can be daunting.

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thank for refering to my web page. for me it is back to the future. Cameras from the early 2000 often dont have the hot filter. The olympus c-2020 is a good place to start and is cheap used. NIR filters are readily available.

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