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Jakarta Flood Kite Mapping

by willie | February 05, 2014 22:53 05 Feb 22:53 | #10013 | #10013

Jakarta is flooding and it happens every year.

I work with a network of environmental journalists and we make maps. We sourced flooding data from local disaster response agency. The flood looks like this.

So we knew where to go and headed out with a kite and a gopro hero 3 to try and make a map. We ended up with some cool pictures. Here is the link to our facebook album

The gopro didn't seem to need the crash cage and it often obscured the images. It was also quite difficult to get a 90 degree shot with the gopro lens. Many photos were pretty but hard to use in MapKnitter.

After this experience, I am thinking that a design for a gopro picavet is a good idea. I also think that kite mapping is great fun.

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This is fantastic Willie! How long is the flooding season in Jakarta?

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willie, that is really cool. i would do the same thing for new orleans--what about a stormwater tag?

I would be interested in a go pro picavet. Liz, wasn't there a cheap particle board picavet design floating around?

mapping with a go pro is a no go, but it's very useful for targeting the "real" camera --i use Canon A490s and Canon 1400.

Especially with kite mapping (vs balloon mapping), it's difficult to learn where the camera actually is.

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here is my example of live targeting the kite with a go pro.

good luck!

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Hi, just wanted to say we featured your story in our new Kickstarter campaign for Mini Balloon and Kite Kits:

Thanks for your amazing work!

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