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A resources collecting page for Hurricane Irma response; we are not an emergency service provider, but non-emergency questions, requests, inquiries, report-ins, offers of help or capacity are welcome.

What is this page?

The purpose of this page is to amplify requests emerging from local community organizations, especially those that work with communities that are bearing the burden of the storm more than others, and many of whom primarily coordinate over the phone or through Facebook groups.

Posting asks + offers

We are happy to feature report-ins from folks involved in Harvey response on this page -- you can post them here. If there are specific asks or offers, what works best is to break those out as concrete questions, such as:

  • we need help with X?
  • does anyone need X?

That way we can get people connected up, whether they want to pitch in or they have information you need -- Public Lab's network spans over 10k people.

Weekly Open Call

Public Lab hosts a weekly public call, and we are happy to offer this as a space for coordinating efforts and inquiries on Harvey response. Calls happen at 2pm CT / 3pm ET on Tuesdays

Call-in information is at: and

Please add your name and/or comments there, even if you can't join, and we'll do our best to connect the dots.

Notes from these calls will be listed here:

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Help organize this page

Help organize this content! We're drafting new content/revisions for this page on the Talk page, at


Please post questions (requests and/or asking if your offer of capacity is needed) relevant to Harvey here:

Title Author Updated Likes Comments
Are there maps/tools for finding potential pollution sites for Puerto Rico? @zengirl2 almost 7 years ago 1
Should Flooded Hazardous Sites Still Be Reported if EPA Already Has Info? @zengirl2 almost 7 years ago 2
Where are people compiling lists of potential pollution sites following Hurricane Irma? @stevie almost 7 years ago 10
How do I identify an oil sheen or spill or slick in aerial photography? @warren almost 7 years ago 1
How MIT Is Using Social Media to Map Hurricane Flooding @zengirl2 almost 7 years ago 0
How do I share lots (gigabytes, or thousands) of photos online, cheaply and easily? @warren almost 7 years ago 1
What is the best way to formalize connecting needs with offers? @bsugar almost 7 years ago 4



At time of writing, Barbuda has been hit very hard, Puerto Rico avoided a direct hit but ~1M people are without power, many without water as a corollary. Paths heading toward the east coast of Florida for Sunday September 9th morning.

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