Smartphone spectrometer

This page refers to a product no longer sold by the kits department. Plans still exist but item is discontinued in favor of the desktop spectrometer and the foldup spectrometer. This info is here for archive purposes only. The final instructions (as sent to press) are here: smartphone-spec-instructions-p1-1.0.pdf smartphone-spec-instructions-p2.pdf ###List of parts * 3 injection molded plastic (ABS) parts * 2 short screws * 2 long screws * black paper liner * diffraction grating * protective film * precision printed slit * jewelers screwdriver ###Design files This being open hardware (CERN OHL 1.1), here are the files: These are also on Thingiverse: And here is a more 3D-printable version by Brad Dudenhoffer: Order a [3D print]( on Shapeways here: ###Instructions ![spec-instructions-1.png]( ![spectrometer-instructions-p2-good.png]( **** Sketchup model: smartphone-spec-overview.skp ##Mathew's Assembly Run## * 3 injection molded plastic (ABS) parts * 2 short screws * 2 long screws * 1 short black paper liner (5cm x 4cm) * 1 long black paper liner (5cm x 8cm) * 6 5cm lengths of double-sided tape * 1 5cm black foam tape * diffraction grating (5cm x 4.4cm) *protective film _I did without-- this extra step increases the chances of damaging the grating in order to protect it._ * precision printed slit * jewelers screwdriver * razor blade [See full image set here]( ![spec.gif]( ###Adhesive options Here's a list of other adhesives and tape strips which may be helpful in assembling and mounting the spectrometer. Some may be shipped in the kits: * Tape strips are sold for costumes and wigs: * 3M's super strong 300LSE in letter sheets, ~$12 each: ** these are an excellent option. 3M sells [24x36" sheets]( somewhere. we can save users any trimming through cutting to 6mm wide-- the width of the edges of the mountplate. one sheet = 300 30cm strips 6mm wide, giving each user 6 5cm pieces they can cut to length with their razor. Then there's no tape trimming to do when attaching. * Scrapbooking tape strips: (hard to find but good size -- big lots available on ebay: is 3600 strips for $65, or 2c per strip) ###Photos Photos of the assembly process. [![IMG_1052.JPG](]( [![IMG_1043.JPG](]( [![IMG_1053.JPG](]( [![IMG_1054.JPG](]( [![IMG_1044.JPG](]( [![IMG_1046.JPG](]( [![IMG_1045.JPG](]( [![IMG_1048.JPG](]( [![IMG_1056.JPG](]( ...

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