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Smartphone Spectrometer

by omarormachea | October 20, 2017 20:58 | 2,517 views | 0 comments | #15077 | 2,517 views | 0 comments | #15077 20 Oct 20:58

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The aim of the project is to develope a miniaturized low-cost spectrometer that uses the camera of an Android Smatphone and processes the images in our spectrometry software (Android App).

The SpectraUPB App Demo Version of SpectraUPB in Google Play - SpectraUPB (Demo), allows to calibrate the spectrometer in function of the wavelength (using a flourescent lamp) and to obtain spectra in real time, using the camera of an Android Smarphone. The spectra are obtained through a DIY 3D printed mini-spectrometer, that is clipped to the Smartphone. The printable 3D model and instructions how to build it are available.

The calibration by wavelength (lambda) can be seen in the following video.


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