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Raspberry Pi NoIR with red filters work

by julianbolanos 8 months ago | 2 | 65 | 0

I am working with Raspberry Pi NoIR and a red filter, This is my result.

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Raspberry + NoIR cam + Blue filter

by carolccarvalho about 1 year ago | 6 | 1,548 | 1

Hi! I'm a student and I'm trying to make an analysis related to plant health. For this, I'm u...

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Raspberry + NoIR cam + Sensors to detect water stress of the plants during their growing

by LaPa over 1 year ago | 26 | 2,849 | 6

I'm an agronomist, I'm going to make a IR RaspiCam to do an IR Timelapse in greenhouse. I want ...

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NDVI from PiNoir with a blue filter

by carolccarvalho over 1 year ago | 1 | 2,494 | 1

Hi! I'm using a PiNoir camera with a blue filter to take ngb pictures. As I need to do a colo...

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Raspberry Pi as Marine Traffic Radar

by ajawitz over 2 years ago | 2 | 18,827 | 1

I want to monitor and log commercial marine traffic using a Raspberry Pi as a "Software Define...

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PhenoPi: beta software installer release

by khufkens over 2 years ago | 2 | 1,336 | 1

Hi everyone, I'm releasing a first version of my PhenoPi software installation package onto the w...

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The accidental raspberry pi spectrometer

by khufkens over 2 years ago | 4 | 7,167 | 4

In a previous note I described my efforts to create a well characterized [multispectral cam...

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