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Public Lab Research note

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small Ac generator using a single neodymium sphere

by sciencetoolbar |

small AC generator 230 V using a single neodymium sphere 13 mm ( rotor), a coil without core (stator) from a 230 V syncronous motor ( A4 laminators or microwaves turntable motor), a 3 V DC motor (inside electric car toys), and a battery.

Tested led bulbs 230 V 3 W - 9 W all our tests

1. 3V Dc motor -- inside toys which using two batteries 1.5 V AA

2. coil without core inside syncronous motor 230 V -- A4 laminators, microwave turntable motor - remove the core inside the motor

3. neodymium magnet sphere 13 mm

4. neodymium screw pot metal case 13 mm -- remove neodymium magnet from the metal case -- simple generator component

5. plastic connector used to fix screw pot metal case -- dc motor ax inside car toys -- heat the crew pot metal case to fix the plastic connector -- simple generator component plastic connector used to fix the screw por metal case to dc motor ax

6. plastic and metal components from mechanical construction kit -- used to build the holder for dc motor and coil -- simple generator holder construction kit

7. 3.7 V battery 600 mAh - minidrone or a related battery 3,7 V rechargeable battery

8. 230 V - led bulbs 230 V E 27 3 W - 9 W

9. power switch + wires

generator project electric inverter electric-generator ac-generator small-generator 230v-generator


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