El Laboratorio Publico

Usando metodos "DIY" baratos, intentamos cambiar como la gente ve al mundo en terminos medioambiental, social, y politial. Con un modelo de investigacion participatorio, somos activistas, educatores, tecnologicos, y organizadores de comunidad, y tenemos interes en modos nuevos de promocionar accion, intervencion, y contabilidad. Expertise, not experts » Our community-run projects put people before technology, by focusing on building inexpensive yet powerful tools, designed in collaboration with local activists and educators to serve local needs. Many of our members are students who seek to situate their learning in real world challenges; others are community organizers or activists who want to be more involved in the development of new and empowering technologies. Situated, community-led research » Rather than developing solutions, then looking for problems, we believe firmly that individuals and small, local organizations with a thorough understanding of the context of a problem are best positioned to frame and direct innovative solutions. We use technology as a means, not an end. Action over visualization » Though we employ cartography, our work is action-oriented. It's not enough to simply document what we wish to change -- we must use information to effect change....

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