Kite Mapping

Kite mapping is similar to balloon mapping, but uses kites to lift cameras to take aerial photographs. With kites and a 5-20 mph wind, many of the objectives of balloon mapping are possible without helium or balloons. If you want to map a site with consistent winds, you may be in luck!

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The Titan 2 Rig

by cfastie over 4 years ago | 1 | 4,122 | 0

The Infragram camera makes capturing aerial photos for in...

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Double Faucet Cover Rig for or infragram

by eustatic over 4 years ago | 5 | 3,325 | 0

re-make the faucet cover rig for infragram, using the same kind of parts. <img src="http...

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Delta St John: continued plantings

by eustatic over 4 years ago | 6 | 2,044 | 2

A simple mapping update to the wetlands at the mouth of Bayou St John, for the Biodiversity witho...

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Barataria 2014: III February 27th

by eustatic over 4 years ago | 0 | 2,120 | 0

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Pierre's plastic Picavet

by cfastie over 4 years ago | 2 | 4,672 | 0

I have been positioning the [Redstone Rig](

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New KAP'n Hook

by cfastie over 4 years ago | 2 | 4,395 | 2

I destroyed some more 3D printed parts in the guise of science today. This time I put a spring ba...

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Kite mapping in Far Rockaway, Queens

by jenmansta New Contributor over 4 years ago | 3 | 3,235 | 2

Objective Document the current conditions of Arverne East in Far Rockaway, Queens, a sit...

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Union Square MBTA Mapping

by kgradow1 over 4 years ago | 2 | 3,669 | 2

On Sunday April 6 seven of us met up in Union Square to map the proposed MBTA development site...

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KAP'n Hook fail

by cfastie over 4 years ago | 5 | 4,903 | 1

Peter Bults of KAPshop generously sent me a message when he saw the 3D pri...

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The Redstone Rig is ready

by cfastie over 4 years ago | 2 | 4,896 | 6

I started designing this aerial photography rig at Christmas when I got access to one of the Make...

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Delta St John: first plantings and bobcat work

by eustatic over 4 years ago | 6 | 2,104 | 3

east side - four cuts, one filled, plus bags for plantings. west side -excavations with...

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Floating camera rig

by eustatic over 4 years ago | 7 | 4,455 | 4

I want to be able to recover the memory when the camera gets wet from flying over wetlands, an...

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3D printed mapping rigs

by cfastie over 4 years ago | 4 | 4,955 | 1

Above: Public Lab's MakerBot 3D printer in Vermont has been busy. . At SNOWFEST I introdu...

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Coulee Baker: documenting a DIY bayou in the Bayou St John "delta"

by eustatic over 4 years ago | 1 | 2,267 | 1

Continue to document the establishment of the wetland restoration at the mouth of bayou st jo...

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Barataria 2014: I February 9th

by eustatic over 4 years ago | 8 | 3,376 | 2

These are the [Patagonia ](

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New Orleans City Park Stormwater wetland

by eustatic over 4 years ago | 4 | 3,836 | 2

does the city park stormwater wetland put rain flood water where we want it? Make a kite ma...

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NVDI with canon a2500

by gpenzo over 4 years ago | 5 | 6,274 | 0

My goal is to make nvdi images of farmland. Hopefully the quality will be good enough to help fa...

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Jakarta Flood Kite Mapping

by Willie over 4 years ago | 4 | 2,640 | 4

I work with a network of environmental journalists and we make maps. We sourced flooding data ...

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Kite Fisheye Photos of Bayou St John restoration

by eustatic over 4 years ago | 0 | 2,336 | 1

Take aerials of Bayou St John, as ever. Initial winter plantings have been done, more because...

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Double Delta kite in low wind out at Lake Pontchartrain

by eustatic over 4 years ago | 1 | 3,500 | 0

Jordan Macha and Scott Eustis were messing around with kites in St Charles and Orleans Parishe...

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Grand Isle Sand Spit 2 Jan 2014

by eustatic over 4 years ago | 10 | 2,827 | 2

Matt Prendergast, Scott Eustis, and Julia Lightner flew kites on and Grand Isle and Elmer's o...

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Pajaro Dunes KAP with Public Lab Kite kit Delta

by patcoyle over 4 years ago | 1 | 3,645 | 0

Continue flying Public Lab Kite kit Delta. Image below shows SX260HS in juice bottle rig with ...

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"where do the maps go?"

by hagitkeysar over 4 years ago | 4 | 5,835 | 4

I wanted to share some thoughts that became clearer to me now, a month or so after the barn raisi...

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Rulers Bar Island Wetland mapping

by gwirth almost 5 years ago | 0 | 2,296 | 2

Eymund and I from NY Public Lab took a quick visit out to Jamaica Bay this weekend, to check out ...

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