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Spherical KAP over Cocodrie

by cfastie | November 22, 2014 17:44 22 Nov 17:44 | #11385 | #11385

cfastie was awarded the Photo Documentation Barnstar by Hudonnoodles for their work in this research note.

The KAP rig I flew on Saturday at the Barnraising was a motorized pan/tilt rig which I controlled with a standard RC transmitter. I could point the camera in any direction (except up) and trigger the shutter manually, which I did 900 times. I could not see where the camera was pointed when it was more than a couple hundred feet away from me, so most of the shooting was more or less blind. So I was surprised to find today that 37 of the photos stitched together into a continuous panorama covering the greater part of a sphere (only the top of the sky is missing). This is my favorite result.

Chrome no longer supports Silverlight which is required to view Photosynth embeds properly. For the full experience you can use another browser. Viewing the panorama at Photosynth helps a little.
The camera on the rig was a Canon PowerShot S100, a model which I have just started to use. The CMOS sensor is good enough that I increased the ISO to 160 and was able to capture some of the shots with a slightly smaller aperture (f-stop ranged from 2 to 8). The increased sharpness might have offset the increased noise from a higher ISO. More experimentation is needed.


Fantastic result Chris, very cool!

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Oh, my gosh. Sharing widely. So neat!

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