Kite Mapping

Kite mapping is similar to balloon mapping, but uses kites to lift cameras to take aerial photographs. With kites and a 5-20 mph wind, many of the objectives of balloon mapping are possible without helium or balloons. If you want to map a site with consistent winds, you may be in luck!

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Winds aloft: less noise

by cfastie about 1 year ago | 7 | 369 | 1

My first results from a [Modern Device wind sensor](

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Community Mapping in St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana

by stevie about 1 year ago | 0 | 484 | 0

Join Public Lab, the [Meraux Foundation][1], and collaborators for a hands on Do-It-Together comm...

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Winds aloft

by cfastie about 1 year ago | 3 | 485 | 3

_Above: This seven foot Rokkaku kite lifted a two pound camera rig with EOS M and SkyPod data log...

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Redstone Rig 2.0

by cfastie over 1 year ago | 3 | 293 | 1

Three and a half years ago I posted [a research note](

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Quick Kite Survey of Bayou St John Wetland, post-Cindy, July 1st 2017

by eustatic over 1 year ago | 0 | 205 | 1

Miriam and I wanted to see how quickly we could survey the [Bayou St John wetland.](https://publi...

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Photos from a kite mapping party in Somerville

by warren over 1 year ago | 0 | 256 | 0

Hi, all - we had a great #kite-mapping-party on Monday evening, over a dozen people came out to m...

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The Squid and the Rok

by cfastie over 1 year ago | 3 | 329 | 3

I might have missed Squid Week, but I had to wait for the rain to stop. The squid kite is part of...

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Collaboratively write the new Pocket Guide to Grassroots Mapping

by warren over 1 year ago | 30 | 551 | 4

As we gear up for the launch of our [new Mini Kite and Balloon Kits](

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Stories of balloon and kite mapping in education

by warren over 1 year ago | 0 | 266 | 1

As part of our series on all the amazing work that's been done with kite and balloon mapping over...

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Public Lab Community Newsletter: June 2017

by klie over 1 year ago | 0 | 215 | 0

We send this out monthly to your inboxes in addition to sharing it on [](http://pub...

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Squid Week at Public Lab!

by warren over 1 year ago | 1 | 174 | 1

Since we declared this week Kite Week on Twitter ([

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Balloon and Kite Mapping Stories, Part 1

by warren over 1 year ago | 0 | 281 | 2

This is a series on #balloon-mapping, as part of our month-long Kickstarter campaign to launch ...

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A New Balloon and Kite Mapping campaign: Kickstarter Gold and Beyond!

by bronwen over 1 year ago | 0 | 219 | 8

We've just launched a new kite and balloon mapping project as a part of _Kickstarter Gold...

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First flight of the SkyPod

by cfastie over 1 year ago | 3 | 313 | 2

_Above: The SkyPod mounted on a Saturn V Rig. The SkyPod includes a GPS module and antenna, Ardui...

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Kite Aerial Mapping for Golden Trout Camp: Exploring Techniques for Mapping in Remote Locations

by lydia123 New Contributor over 1 year ago | 2 | 217 | 2

Authors: Lydia, Conor, Jane Link that helped us with our project:

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SkyPod endurance test

by cfastie over 1 year ago | 0 | 316 | 1

*Above: After letting the SkyPod record data all afternoon in the yard (boring), I took it for a ...

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Stitching Images into Maps with MapKnitter

by warren over 1 year ago | 0 | 356 | 2

Once you have collected your images, you should set aside a block...

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Build a juice bottle-based rig to carry two cameras

by warren over 1 year ago | 0 | 145 | 1

This (old) guide shows how to make a protective case large enough for [two synchronized cameras](...

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Maps without borders: Stories of civic science in action

by Cindy_ExCites over 1 year ago | 0 | 130 | 2

This storytelling exhibition showcases powerful aerial maps created by citizens using [kites, bal...

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Beaufort Wind Scale Comic, 1906

by mathew over 1 year ago | 4 | 368 | 3

The [Beaufort Scale][1] is a means of measuring wind speed by visual inspection of indirect facto...

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Add GPS logging to a Saturn V Rig

by cfastie almost 2 years ago | 1 | 308 | 2

The Adafruit Ultimate GPS breakout board was [reasonably easy to get working][1] in no small part...

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Adding GPS logging to a kite or balloon aerial photography rig

by cfastie almost 2 years ago | 0 | 405 | 3

_Above: A GPS board mounted on a Saturn V Rig. The module is powered by the existing battery on t...

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Aerial mapping a reclaimed landfill

by cfastie about 2 years ago | 0 | 614 | 3

*Above: A high point on the capped surface of the retired municipal landfill at Bristol, VT. At r...

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Fly a small camera on a very portable (squid-shaped) sled kite

by warren about 2 years ago | 8 | 658 | 1

I set out to test out a setup pretty similar to the [Mini Kite Kit](https://store.publiclab.or...

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