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This page collects information about using electronic sensors for detecting hydrogen sulfide. For information on the DIY photo paper method, see: https://publiclab.org/hydrogen-sulfide-photopaper **** ### Arduino-based sensor prototype Our first prototype used a digital sensor for hydrogen sulfide connected to an #arduino. Advantages of this system is that data from the sensor could be logged over time and that tool is reusable and portable. However the [Figaro TGS 825 sensor](http://figarosensor.com/gaslist.html) itself is relatively expensive--approximately $60 for an individual sensor and $40 in bulk. [![h2s-sensor-arduino.jpg](https://i.publiclab.org/system/images/photos/000/004/691/medium/h2s-sensor-arduino.jpg)](https://i.publiclab.org/system/images/photos/000/004/691/original/h2s-sensor-arduino.jpg) _Arduino and Industrial H2S Sensor_ ## Research notes [notes:hydrogen-sulfide-sensor] **** ## Questions [questions:hydrogen-sulfide-sensor] **** ## Activities [activities:hydrogen-sulfide-sensor]

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