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Detect Hydrogen Sulfide (Fart ) in Public Toilets with Arduino UNO/NodeMCU(ESP8266)

by silentsairam | May 09, 2019 17:16 09 May 17:16 | #19288 | #19288

In this prototype, with Arduino UNO board, but any board with one analog input could be used.
This project requires some very simple soldering to attach 4 header pins with 500 0hms resistor to the perforated board.

Measurement VOCs:  
Sensitive to hydrogen, ammonia, ethanol, hydrogen sulfide, toluene, cigarette smoke.

Measurement Value: 
ppm, Here we measure in Voltage

1 x Arduino Uno with USB cable ,
1 x TGS23062 H2S sensor( picture below),
1 x Perforated board or Breadboard, Wires to solder and soldering station, conductive flux.

*TGS2602 sensor pins Arduino Uno:*
Pin1 - GND  -  of A1
Pin2 - In series 450 ohm or 500-ohm resistor,   The resistor is connected to the Arduino pin A1
Pin3 - 5V   +  Of 5V
Pin4 - 5V   +  Of 5V

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Hi, cool! What is the range of concentrations this sensor can detect?

Also, what are some of the use cases you have in mind... like, landfill fumes, perhaps?

Thanks for posting!!!

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This data /value are Analog values: -With he open air, after sensor warms up for ~1 minute: 52 -breathing slowly over the sensor for several seconds: 73 -holding sensor directly over an open bottle of grain alcohol: 235 -inside the washroom post pee/use of cleaning products: 450-600

For measuring in ppm the range of concentration as per datasheet is 1-30ppm and >10ppm indicates Unsafe.

Welcome @warren . Your past Prototypes were worth testing.

Right now TGS825 is not for scale if I am right.

Did test with Smoke dust, ciggar and cooking Gas. The values raised > 600+ indicating unsafe. Will test with landifll fumes and let know the readings of the same.

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