User interface design

User interface design helps us adapt the systems we use to serve a broad set of interests and backgrounds -- especially this very website. In the spirit of Public Lab collaborative work, this page is for sharing and discussing user interface related information. A number of projects are in progress; we work to make sure they are broken into small enough parts so that people can take them on and solve them. Some are listed at the bottom of this page. **** ### Updates [notes:grid:pin:ui] **** ## Workflow We are using this shared [Google Presentation]( to iterate on design solutions, as well as [Froala Design Blocks]( and their [drag and drop editor]( to develop design solutions for these pages. Please [post a proposal or sketch](/post) if you'd like to get involved! **** ## Questions [questions:ui] **** ## Design group We are looking to work with community members and people looking to get involved in UI design on Public Lab -- please join the group below to help out! [people:group:design] **** ## Open issues Here are some (disorganized) open design issues we're trying to work on in GitHub: **** ## Resources ### Bootstrap Our site uses Bootstrap 4 to have a consistent visual style -- it includes ready made buttons, menus, forms, and many other elements. ### Icons On our website, we use Font Awesome icons in version 4.7+ and 5+ -- [![icons.png](/i/26669)](/i/26669) ...

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