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Ag8n "Very good work. Do you have quality engineers(QE) at your location? We tried things like this and would almost always be shot down by QE. That a..." | Read more » 7 months ago
Masui "Thank you for your comment, It has a valve to regulate the air flow path. Unfortunately, the video was lost. " | Read more » 7 months ago
AhmedMedico "Thankyou so much for sharing this usefull information! we also have a Online Medical Store In Karachi " | Read more » 10 months ago
benji_liang96 "Hi How does your setup work to regulate the amount of isoflurane in the system? Would it be possible to share the youtube video? as it is currently..." | Read more » 11 months ago
scarletjohnson "I am a scarlet johnson doing a job as a marketing consultant at vonza in USA, Vonza helps thousands of business owners just like yourself launch an..." | Read more » over 1 year ago
mathew "I often get tripped up on the firmware upload stage; https://publiclab.org/notes/abdul/06-22-2016/infragram-plant-cam#Installing+config+file The c..." | Read more » almost 6 years ago
warren "Hmm, i have an older one, so the firmware may have changed. Maybe best to ask about this on the main Grassroots Mapping list, as I think I remember..." | Read more » almost 6 years ago
jbreen "You had me at "squid-shaped kite." I've been using the DIY Mini Kite Kit but for the life of me cannot seem to get the Mobius camera to go into ti..." | Read more » almost 6 years ago
warren "Thanks for the link! So many colors :-) -- " | Read more » about 6 years ago
shanlter "The squid looks so nice in the sky! Here is the link: https://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?spm=a230r.1.0.0.YLWxJc&id=44263991526&ns=1&skuI..." | Read more » about 6 years ago
liz "The delivery was convenient too -- we bought a dozen, and they were shipped in a tape-wrapped tarp to a local mini-mart in Guangzhou where we picke..." | Read more » about 6 years ago
mathew "omg you're kidding me that is so cheap this kite is so awesome " | Read more » about 6 years ago
liz "The 5.5M kite was ~USD$4 on taobao in mainland China -- @shanlter can you post the link to the taobao store that you helped me buy from? " | Read more » about 6 years ago