Question: Software project ideas for upcoming 2018 Summer of Code fellowships?

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by warren | January 08, 2018 19:15 | #15477

We're applying to the 2018 Google Summer of Code program as we do each year, and after a great summer with the Rails Girls Summer of Code program, we'll be applying to that program as well.

What projects are people interested in tackling this summer?

Some of our biggest and best software projects have come our of summer fellowships like these, including:

And many more! Read about how these projects went last summer.

Read about last year's proposals here: -- there are a few that didn't get accepted (we have a limited number of slots) so we could resuscitate some.

Update: we now have an ideas page up here; read through the list!


Lots of answers from all over, especially @liz and @stevie:

UI work on Questions pages

Social media integration

  • Respond on PL via other media: If people could respond to questions via email, twitter and facebook we could generate more content on the answers. Think we were going to scope something like this out, just putting something in here.

Tagging and topics

Expanded geographic features

Calendar and event work

Expanded email notifications overhaul

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@warren Let's plan on new enhancements for Leaflet Blurred Location. I would love to make a research note like we did last time.

That'd be great, @mridulnagpal! I've been making a few... what do you have in mind?

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Also, did you see, it got featured on the Leaflet plugins page!!

Sounds awesome!! Will prepare a research note on it right away!!

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I want to work as a mentor for GSOC 2018

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I also would like to apply as a mentor.

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@warren Are these js and ideas listed in the comment section of this question also included for the gsoc ideas for this summer? They are not listed on the

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We're going to flesh out the ideas page with these as we go! Not every one will make it. Thanks!

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