Question: Where can you purchase a bucket for air grab sampling?

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stevie asked on October 11, 2017 19:12
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I'm hoping to learn more about where you can buy a bucket to do air grab sampling. I've found some information on how to do the sampling, but am still wondering where you can purchase the buckets. I'm hoping to build out more information on this page if you have any resources to add!

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Zengirl2 8 months ago

Wow, so I thought this easy answer was Bucket Brigade until I saw the $250 pricetag.

stevie 8 months ago

I know. I guess in compairson to some of the other canister systems which look around the 2k range, it is pretty good. Things start getting expensive when labs are pulled in for the analysis.

warren 6 months ago

What are the requirements for the bucket, like material and size? I think is a good place to start, or US Plastics... Isn't it supposed to be polycarbonate, but is that a hard requirement?

stevie 6 months ago

I'm not sure. Think these would maybe need to be separate questions?

liz 3 months ago

What size tedlar bag is needed for the bucket, and have we ever put in a bulk order for them?

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