Question: When is it better to do grab sampling versus other types of monitoring?

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by stevie | October 11, 2017 19:37 | #15028

I've been looking into grab sampling methods, but I'm still unsure of situations where someone might choose to do grab sampling over other types of monitoring. I'm specifically thinking about air monitoring, but realizing this could go for soil or water as well.


Hi Stevie, in my experience, it really depends on what the end goals are (e.g. assessing general/chronic conditions or synopses of specific conditions), the types of sample collection and analysis that are available, and the ability to process data. Grab samples are often necessary for in-depth laboratory analyses. Continuous monitoring can be great for monitoring analytes that can, for example, be monitored through differential electrical currents without too much precision. More discussion of composite samples, grab samples, and continuous monitoring is included in this wiki, under "Types of Samples."

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