Question: Has anyone built a secchi disk before?

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stevie asked on March 13, 2018 15:41
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I'm looking for resources for building secchi disks. I found this one online, but I haven't had the chance to test it out yet. Has anyone built one before? How did it go?

water-quality water turbidity secchi-disk

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2 Answers

Very cool! i haven't but seems pretty straightforward just like the technique itself. If you have other uses for black and white rust resistant paint, or are building them in bulk buying the spray paint makes sense, but if only making one set buying secchi decals might be cheaper and have less waste ($7)

stevie 3 months ago

Oh that decal is nice! I also found a couple really inexpensive secchi disks $18-$25 verses the Lamotte ones which are around $42-70.

nshapiro 3 months ago

Oh those are great finds! I would think for $18 that is probably just as (if not more) affordable as making it one's self (including labor time). I'm not sure if there is an epistemological gain from making this device one's self (no hidden process or mystifying technologies inside). But making it can still be fun :) I wish all enviro monitoring tools could be as beautifully simple as secchi disks.

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