Question: In terms of community science, MDEQ already discredited community based science, what might add legitimacy to our data?

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by stevie | with CherokeeConcernedCitizens January 04, 2021 21:19 | #25411

Hello! This is one of the questions we're looking for support on related to this post. Any ideas or resources you can share would be greatly appreciated.


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This is really unfortunate. In past community science projects, we've fundraised to be able to pay for some samples (chosen at random) to be tested at an accredited lab, then compared those results with ours to get a correlation curve to verify accuracy and the % similarity. Another good option is to partner with an academic research institution on the project. Publications are currency in academia, so if they can get a paper out of it, it will lend much credibility to your results. At my school, UCR, we have a health disparities research institute which works with the medical school and my lab in Enviro Science and Tox on community-academic research partnerships which are founded on good values and collaboration. Let me know if you'd like me to connect you or if there are other ways I can help.

@DanielleS - are you able to link to the UCR health disparities research institute and your lab on this thread? Would be a great resource for the Public Lab community. Thank you so much!

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That would be great! I would love to connect. Please email me at Thanks!

Will do, thanks Jen!

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Thanks @DanielleS! I've looped back in with @CherokeeConcernedCitizens and as soon as they find a moment they'll ping back in!

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