Question: Ideas for Call for papers page: What would be important?

stefannibrasil asked on March 09, 2018 22:20
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Hi everybody!

@milaaraujo and I have been using Public Lab and we were thinking about adding a page for people to post Call for papers, so researchers can share relevant conferences, journals, etc., to submit their work.

We know you already have a page for events ( But we believe the Call for Papers page could have a more academic focus. Here is some information I think would be important:

  • Conference name and URL

  • Date

  • Description

  • Local

  • Deadline

And it would also be interesting to have a comment section on the page, so people could discuss their publications... That sort of things! What do you think about it? We'd love to hear more about your suggestions!


Sounds great! CC @hagitkeysar @cindy_excites @jbreen , linking to the googlegroup where we used to discuss collaborative writing:!forum/public-lab-writing-group, and here was the wiki for that effort (we could reboot this!)

Another reference will be EDGI's collaborative writing protocol, developed during 2017 and ongoing. I'll post it when i can get the latest from Dawn Walker

+1 for the reboot of the Public Lab Writing Group. I miss you guys!

Thanks @Liz for linking me up to this thread - sadly not much writing happening over here but maybe this can work as an incentive to write with you all amazing folks! and a toast for the PL writing group @jbreen!

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2 Answers

We could try to use a wiki page with an Activities grid -- which prompts people to post, and provides a template as you've laid out. If you want to make a page at, say,, maybe, I'd be happy to help you with the wiki templates! has some extra info on this too. Great idea!!!

Hi, @warren @liz! I created a page > I believe it can work out that way. Let me know what do you think, please :)

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All right, thanks! Right now, to be honest, I don't know exactly what I am supposed to do next :$ I would appreciate a help with the next steps.

We were thinking about creating the page like the image (I am so sorry but I can't upload the image here, so you can check it clicking on the link):

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