Question: What's the relationship between temp and dewpoint?

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by kgradow1 | June 12, 2020 22:14 | #23834

Inspired by @eustatic Timeline for June 10 Climate Rain I looked up my nearest weather station in Centerdale RI and found this graph.

image description

I can't tell what I'm looking at here. Are they mapped closely with each other because it's night? Or am I looking at rain? Why is there a split between temp and dewpoint during the daytime hours?


Dew point is a function of both temperature and how much moisture is in the air (humidity). In the middle of the day when it is less humid, the dew point temperature drops (it has to be colder for water vapor in the air to condense). At night when humidity is higher, dew point rises (water vapor can condense when the air is warmer).

With only the information in your graph, you can draw on your graph exactly how humidity changed during the day.


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