Question: Can a Spectrometer be used to detect material type?

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jjoll asked on June 03, 2017 18:28
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Hi, I dont know much about science of spectrometry, but I am working on a project where i need to detect and differentiate between different types of material types, and I was just wondering if I can use an Spectrometer such as Desktop Spectrometry Kit v3 to distinguish and detect different material types. For example to distinguish glass object from metal, plastic and paper object.


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1 Answers

You can most definitely use spectrometers to detect different types of materials. All materials are composed differently and thus will absorb and reflect light distinctly. Using the spectral signatures acquired from the spectrometer of each material you can decipher what is what. One important thing to consider though is the range of the spectrum that each instrument measures and the materials you are exploring which can end up limiting your results depending on the task at hand.

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