Question: Identify Plastic Material Using Infrared Imaging

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by shaikhgous | November 18, 2016 11:49 | #13711


I am from India, after doing some research on internet I found that different type of plastic material have different spectral response in near infrared spectrum.

there are different types of plastic materials such as PP, HDPE, PVC, PET, ABS, etc and each material has different spectral response based on the polymer type irrespective of the colour of material.

My basic aim is to identify different type of plastic based on there polymer type, here different polymers may have same colour and same polymer may have different colour so irrespective of the colour I want to identify the plastic according to polymer type using hyper-spectral imaging described on Public Lab

If anybody have tried this application kindly give me details or if any more information is required kindly let me know so that you can try with your device.

If anyone wants to try with this you can do the imaging of different types of plastics using daily used items at your own place and share the results, for identifying the polymer refer the link below, the symbol of product will show you which type of plastic it is.

I want to use this information in Plastic Recycling purpose in which identification of plastic is a important task.

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