Question: Looking for recommendations for underwater video stream to surface

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by iragersh | November 23, 2018 15:39 | #17740

I would like to view video above water taken by a camera that is underwater. To do this I would need a tethered camera because WIFI does not go through water. Tethered video systems that work underwater tend to be super expensive. I'm looking for something under $100. I have a GoPro with a waterproof case and a WiFi addition to it. There is a hack to use capture the WiFi and then view it on a phone. I have been unable to make the hack work. If you have been able to do this or know of an inexpensive alternative, I would like to know.


Hi and apologies for the late response. The OpenROV community may have more folks working on this issue, for instance see , which references another project that has set up signal boosters along their path of travel in order to get wireless live video out of underwater caves:

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