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Grassroots Underwater Photography?!!

by ajawitz about 4 years ago | 11 | 4,485 | 1

I want to examine potential low-cost, underwater imaging techniques by adapting approaches origi...

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Underwater Plume Sampling Methods

by maxliboiron over 4 years ago | 4 | 2,871 | 0

We are interested in sampling effluent plumes underwater that might be both warm (hydrothermal pl...

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An Arduino Based UnderWater Sensor Platform

by EdMallon New Contributor over 4 years ago | 48 | 10,495 | 7

Early in 2011 I became fascinated by the open source hardware movement, and saw the potential for...

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Thoughts on water sensing needs of non-profits in Louisiana

by eustatic over 6 years ago | 1 | 2,588 | 3

I don't have experience building a probe, but i have a lot of experience using hydrolab and YSI d...

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GO SCUM update

by liz almost 7 years ago | 0 | 3,190 | 1

GO SCUM (Gowanus Superfund Contaminated Underwater Mapping) update: I'm building a Gowanus Can...

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Using color/contrast enhancement to see into water in aerial photos

by warren almost 7 years ago | 0 | 2,577 | 1

This image is from Barataria Bay in early Oct 2011. The enhanced image is on the left. What are t...

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