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Question:What kind of continous air monitoring devices measure HAPs and PAHs?

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by denissebn_06 | with amocorro June 08, 2021 17:20 | #26789

This question was asked to Public Lab staff by a community organizer in Oregon. Thanks for any insights you're able to offer!

What kind of continuous* air quality monitoring devices measure HAPs (benzene, naphthalene, etc) and PAHs?

*HAPs = Hazardous Air Pollutants

*PAHs = Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons


HAPs = Hazardous Air Pollutants Are there specifics we are looking for in this category?

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For some communities, human noses are the only continuous air monitoring available. It is a valuable tool and there are ways to use this kind of community survey to get good data, without fancy monitors.

South Coast AQMD inspectors rely on their noses when they make odor calls, as noses are sensitive instruments.

Here is an odor-logging activity you can complete using only a pen, paper and your nose.

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