Question: How can real-time camera monitoring be set up?

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cherylh asked on May 15, 2017 05:48
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What I want to do or know

Fair Tech Collective folks are investigating options for configuring cameras to monitor oil refineries, in the San Francisco Bay Area.

We're curious about different approaches to real-time camera monitoring, including any documentation of real-time monitoring projects in the Public Lab community?

Background story

Noticed this earlier post, including a reference to a real-time video of smokestack monitoring.


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4 Answers

Hi, Cheryl -- there's a little bit about cell-enabled trail cameras for remote #timelapse monitoring, here:

Though that costs a bit more -- $230 i think, plus the cell plan.

I also think there've been some efforts to use #raspberry-pi cameras to do lower-cost versions, although they'd need a wifi or cell connection to do live monitoring.

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Hi! Did you tried FPV Cameras normally used in drones? Depends of the distance, can be very cheap (25$):

The quality is analog video, depends of the purpouse can be good enough.

There are also micro-usb video receivers for smartphones so you can use almost any app to record video or time lapse:

Regards, lot

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Hi, thanks so much for these helpful responses!

I can post again once we've figured out which options we're going with...


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I've just bought a $40 GoPro look-alike that has WiFi, and will be testing it out at the Appalachia Barnraising. We'll check in once we've done this and upload photos --- most likely to this page, where we've been checking/testing GoPro camera alternatives!

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