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Question:Seeking DC-area folks interested in building temperature sensors for urban heat island measurement

carohowe asked on July 14, 2017 15:39
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Looking for DC folks who would be willing/able to facilitate or participate in workshops to discuss programs on sensing the urban heat island in our area and/or build systems to measure temperature by bicycle.

I posted about the broader context here, and some of the solutions that seem the best would require building some systems beyond our team's technical capacity. We would need access to soldering equipment and some volunteers! We can cover costs of equipment and potentially someone to facilitate such a session.

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1 Answers

Hi - This recent paper might be helpful: www.mdpi.com/2073-445X/6/2/38/pdf From my experience satellite based surface temperature works best over fairly homogeneous features like water, crops and bare soil. A city environment is very heterogeneous. A lot depends on the level of spatial detail and temperature precision you are looking for. I'm happy to talk about this but I'm leaving for a one week trip early Friday.

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