Question: Suggestions for a temperature sensor for surface (stone) measurements?

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by MadTinker | September 08, 2017 17:11 | #14863

I have a large soapstone stove for heating our home this winter (about 3000lbs) and am interested in tracking the external temperature of the stove, possibly in more than one location simultaneously. The external surface of the stove only gets to about 150F (66C) so it's not too extreme. This is mostly to try various data loggers, but I'd actually like to have some idea of how long the heat is retained in the evenings so I have some idea of when to reload the stove. Thanks!


The Melexis MLX90614 Non-Contact Sensor has a temperature range of -70°C to +380°C. This is an infrared sensor so it does not have to touch the thing whose temperature you want to know. The field of view is about 90°, so it would have to be close to the stove to read only the stove temperature. This sensor is similar to the one in the GY-90615 sensor I used here. This is an I2C sensor which is available at the KAPtery (but only if you buy a logger).

My wood stove has a fan which circulates room air through the stove ducts. I would like to hook up a Nano Data Logger with a GY-90615 so it turns this fan on and off depending on the stove temperature. The fan is a 120 volt fan, so I guess I need a 120 volt relay.


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