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by Bronwen | April 11, 2018 12:20 | #16131

Hello! I was wondering if there was anyone working on datalogging who might be interested in hopping in to try to get a portable HCHO meter connected to any of the dataloggers (Riffles, Mini-Pearls, Arduinos, Mayfly, Knowflow, and others) currently in-use in various Public Lab (and Public Lab-adjacent) projects? You can read more about the ask here: What Datalogger Will Wowk With My Portable HCHO Meter.

This particular project has a quick turnaround time, so we're ESPECIALLY interested in folks who can either assist with hands-on troubleshooting, or consult by offering some step-by-step instructions or activities that people who are reasonably new to working with arduino or dataloggers can follow (this will benefit future projects as well).

Thanks for considering!


Apologies for the mass tagging here, I know a lot of you have been in the mix providing great support and advice so far, but if anyone feels they have some additional capacity to actually get the HCHO meter up and running with an open source datalogger it would be great to see it come together!

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Hello, I would be glad to help as long as I get to share my work under an open license with everyone. How does one gain access to the HCHO meter like the one shown in the post?

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In fact, if the analog output is linear, I would not need the meter

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