Question: Are there any DIY equipment that measure dissolved oxygen levels in water?

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by belkinsa | July 18, 2018 00:23 | #16736

I getting into the process monitoring dissolved oxygen levels a part of the O'Bannon Creek, in Loveland, Ohio, that drains into the Little Miami River and I'm wondering if there is any DIY equipment that can be used and if any discussion about those was here.


Amazon lists a microprocessor based circuit for about $46. That does not include the probe, case, or many other requirements. But it is a start.

Please let us know of your progress. Good luck.


is it a Pi or something else? Can I have the link/

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InfoAmazonia built a hardware that measure DO. The schematics are online:

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It's listed on Amazon as the Atlas Scientific EZO-DO. It is listed at $46.00. It talks by uart, so a Pi might work. Atlas Scientific should have some app notes on it. I just did a quick search.

Good luck

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Thank you!

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